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Optimation Partners with Gas Technologies to Fabricate Methane-to-Methanol Plants

Posted by Bill Pollock on Oct 17, 2017 3:00:48 PM

Gas Technologies LLC. located in Walloon Lake, MI. has an NGL production facility set up in North Dakota and they are producing NGLs.  Present production is at the rate of 600 mscfd. They anticipate a ramp-up of this rate by year-end and will shortly set up an adjacent Mini-GTL plant at the North Dakota site. Their goal is to change the world of gas flaring by making a huge reduction in the amount of gas flared.

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Coal to Gas Conversion – A Major Capital Project in Rochester

Posted by Bill Pollock on Nov 14, 2016 1:30:26 PM

Much of our focus in Rochester during the past year has been about photonics and the millions of dollars being provided and spent on development of photonics technologies.  This focus has overshadowed investments in other less flashy manufacturing projects. Many of these other opportunities, new and old are located in the repurposed Eastman Business Park (EBP).  A decade ago, when Kodak was phasing out and tearing down buildings in the park, there was a fear among many that it would become another huge sink hole for the super fund, and a blight to our community. This fear was increased when Kodak went into bankruptcy. A working group was formed in an effort to make sure this didn’t happen. 

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