Research and Innovation in American Manufacturing

The New Normal

Made in America

How and Why to Become an Engineer

Expanding Roles for Robots in Medicine and Future Pandemics

What can a politician learn from an engineering firm? Quite a bit.

The World is Flat & the Demise of the Global Supply Chain

Hazards of Contamination in Stainless Steel Fabrication

Okay, Boomer: Demand for Skilled Trades in America

New York on “Pause”: How to Turn COVID-19 into an Opportunity

COVID-19 and Manufacturers - We're here to help

Nuclear Work Model: Training, Technical Procedures and Supervision

Celebrating the Antiquity of Pi

Wood Chucking or Engineering; the Choice is Yours

Each for Equal: International Women's Day 2020

What You Need to Know About the FIRST Robotics Competition at RIT

Everyday is Super Tuesday for Manufacturers

Wrap Up of National Engineers Week 2020

What are your plans for  Manufacturing Lobby Day?

Will Your Son or Daughter Grow Up to be an Engineer?

Take Two: How do you know you want to be an engineer?

How do you know you want to be an engineer?

Breweries Need Expert Manufacturing, Here's Why

Top 10 Reasons to Use an Engineering Firm

Jet Fuel from Farm Waste

Tips & Tricks: the Gotcha Stick and Machine Guarding Safety

New Year, Better Us: a Service Business' Resolution

Web Handling Problems? Don’t Treat Your Web Conveyance Equipment Like Your Car

RAPID: an Effort to Double the U.S. Energy Productivity by 2030

How to Mine Value from your Process Data

Data, Clouds & Oceans: Pressure Test System for Undersea Cable Components

A Creative and Unique Application for a Robot

Skid Systems, SCADA AND IIoT

The Best Thing You Can Do Before Going Out to Bid (Clone)

Occupational safety and cobots

Apprenticeship Week: Q&A with Journey Worker Prudy Dalesio and Apprentice Sean DeNeef

Apprenticeship Week: Q&A with Journey Worker Paul Black and Apprentice Ricky Spinosa

Apprenticeship Week: Q&A with Journey Worker Dave Ignatowski and Apprentice Keith Bennett

Apprenticeship Week: Q&A with Journey Worker Scott Osher and Apprentice Marcie Dalton

Apprenticeship Week: Q&A with Journey Worker Steve Alvito and Apprentice John Lasher

Apprenticeships: A long history and a bright future

The new

An Essential Tool to Encourage Women in Manufacturing

National Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Day

National Manufacturing Day 2019

Fabricating Obstacles for Hyperdrive

Process Skid Fabrication Fills a World of Applications

Is Your Process and Product Information Displayed Efficiently?

Liquid Coating Solution Delivery

Waste Processing with Condensate Skids

Evaluation of Process and Product Variability

Web Handling FAQ

Capital Project Investing:  How to turn Complexity and Risk into Success

The Best Thing You Can Do Before Going Out to Bid

Using Process Monitor to Track Roller Traction in a Flexible Web Machine

Robots Come of Age

New York’s Manufacturing Legacy in the Fourth Industrial Revolution

Equipment and Environmental Safety

The Many Levels of Safety

New York’s Manufacturing Legacy and Its Manufacturing Future

What the CSIA Conference Had to Offer

Safety is Our Real Business

Process Monitor Makes Impression at AIChE Conference

“Did you read the instructions?” The Best Way to Simplify Equipment Moves

Unlock the Potential of Feedback and Surveys

Tips for Successful Plant Relocation and Consolidation

Happy International Women's Day!

Drawing Maintenance: A Word of Caution

Skilled Trades and Workforce Development in the U.S.

Industry 4.0 – What is the Return on Investment?

The Tale of Comet the Wonder Dog

Data Analytics Gives Manufacturing Plants Insights for Continuous Improvement

A Look Back and Forward in Manufacturing

Trends in Manufacturing for 2019

The Business Case for Process Monitor

Pet Food Quality, Testing and Tasting

Process Monitor Analytics and IIoT

Case Study: Heat Treating Line Installation

Pet Food Manufacturing, Contamination and Regulation

A Sobering Reminder of the Importance of Traceability for Food Safety

National Apprenticeship Week

How to Avoid Contamination in Stainless Steel Fabrication

Our Scary Stories

You, H2 and Avocados!

The Cost of Quality and Doing the Job Right the First Time

Some of My Best Friends Are Skilled Trades People

The Hazards of Contamination in Stainless Steel Fabrication

A product and workmanship that stand the test of time!

How a Custom Winder Module Can Help Produce a Delicate Product Touch-Free

Condensate Skids for Waste Processing

Emergency Skilled Trades Services

Food Science meets Rocket Science

Technology Trends in the Food Industry

Skilled Trades Are An Important Part of America's Future

How A Gotcha Stick Evaluates Machine Safety

Tariffs, Trade, and US Manufacturing

Using a Skid System for Coating Solution Delivery

Retrofitted Solvent Coater

In Search of IIoT Demand

A Shared and Subtle Benefit of Skid Systems

Innovating Through Collaboration

Boston, The BAA and Lessons We Can Learn

The Many Configurations of Skid Systems

How I Grew Up To Be An Engineer

Would George Washington Celebrate National Engineers Week?

Happy National Engineers Week!

Machine Safety, Machine Guarding and The Gotcha Stick

Biomass Goes High Tech at Alfred State College

Web Handling Problems? Don’t Treat Your Web Conveyance Equipment Like Your Car

Is your Roll-To-Roll manufacturing line operating on the level? Literally?

Risk Assessment & Mitigation in Project Management 

The American Revolution and the American Industrial Revolutions

The Art of Effective Project Communication

Networking – no wires required…

The Remarkable Pace of Technological Change

Technology, Automation and Employment

The Benefits of Thinking About the Negatives of a Project

When "The Little Things" Add Up, Consider a Service Contract

From Concept to Fabrication:  What are the Risks, and How are they Mitigated?

Measuring and Quantifying the Results of Automation and Process Optimization Projects

Optimation Partners with Gas Technologies to Fabricate Methane-to-Methanol Plants

Accident Prevention

National Manufacturing Week

Why do you outsource engineering services?

Practicing a Passion for Manufacturing in the USA

Crucial Soft Skills for Engineering Services - Part 2

Crucial Soft Skills for Engineering Services - Part 1

US Manufacturing and Harvey

Buy yourself time to successfully execute capital projects

Reducing Lost Time Injuries & Costs

Platform as a Service and Automated Manufacturing

Machine Installation Planning for Glass Batch Houses

Test Systems and The Edge

Industrial Internet of Things and Cyber Security for Manufacturing

Process Monitor Analytics and Industry 4.0

Networking, Food, Fun and a Run

Who’s Solution Is It, Anyway?!

Medical Device Testing Confirms Safety and Reliability

What We Learned While Re-Certifying to ISO 9001:2015

Create A Better Batch Using a Modern Approach

The Miracle of Stem Cell Therapy

What a reader looks for in proposals - feature, function, or benefit?

You and Me and Our Own Personal Carbon Footprint

A Rochester Engineering Society Update

Engineering Services in the USA

21st Century Vendor Management in Industrial Automation

Logistics, Warehousing and the Factory of the Future

Web Handling Training:  Just What the Doctor Ordered

The one thing that can make or break your capital project

Control Systems Integrators - Leaders in Manufacturing Automation

Delegation, Procrastination and Time Management

A Different Approach to Safety

Why you should use third-party engineering firms (or work for one)

Why it's already time to plan for summer shutdowns

Manufacturing Employment and the Skills Gap

Smart Manufacturing

Machine Guarding and Safety Guarding

Rochester's future is in STEM

The Impact of Rising Interest Rates on US Manufacturing

Answers to Questions About an Arc Flash Study

Ektachrome, Twinkies And Polaroid – Iconic Products Resurrected

Web Based Manufacturing Processes

Web Handling - In Over Your Head?

A little bit of Process Knowledge goes a long way

Manufacturing in Rochester – From the Perspective of Time

Service as a Product/Product as a Service

The most productive way to assess and upgrade an aging infrastructure

Arc Flash and NFPA 70E Training

Automation – Job Eliminator or Job Creator?

The Top Risks to Your Project

Going Green and the Trump Energy Policy

Making the Most of a Control System Migration

Manufacturing Trends 2017 –Adaptive Analytics

What's all the buzz about ... 3D printing?

Gold Standard Partnerships

Using Digital Twins in Manufacturing

An Immodest Proposal

Manufacturing in 2017 - Reshoring, Newshoring and Nearshoring

Training: the gift that keeps on giving

Performing upgrades in a Glass Batch Plant

What's in store for automation in 2017?

Eeyore and the Unintended Consequence

Manufacturing Trends in 2017

Engineering Safe Systems in Hazardous Environments

Energy Consumption and LED Lighting

Celebrating Safety

Rockwell's PSUG 2016 in Retrospect

Technology, Automation and Employment

US Manufacturing in 2017

How to effectively deliver CapEx projects with third-party integrators

Meeting the next generation of the glass industry

National Apprenticeship Week

Does Your Consultant have Dirt Under His Fingernails?

Coal to Gas Conversion – A Major Capital Project in Rochester

The Face of Manufacturing in Rochester

Small Manufacturing Companies in the USA

Loading Batch IDs using the Orders database

Is Oil and Gas Making a Comeback?

Rochester, Photonics and the Future

Taking the Pain Away

Why we value web handling training

Our Partnership with Gas Technologies to Fabricate Methane-to-Methanol Plants

Manufacturing Automation, Rockwell and Maverick

Born Out of the Fire: A Lesson in Testing and Validation

How to Develop a Safety Program

Virtualization Best Practices at the Process Solutions User Group

Pressure Vessels

BIG DATA Beckons

The Battle Over Contingency

Manufacturing and the Internet of Things

Additive Manufacturing for Industry

Fall Into Year-End Planning

Inbound Marketing and Meeting a Client's Needs

High Pressure Pasteurization and Food Quality

How much transparency is too much?

Automation's Impact on Today's Workforce

Need a Hacker? Hire One.

Can you really save money by relocating and repurposing used equipment?

Weighing System for a Food Manufacturer

Year-End Planning in Manufacturing

Using data acquisition and control systems to monitor plant subsystems

The Silver Lining in Machine Guarding Implementation

Is There an Engineering Shortage in the United States?

Device Calibration

Postcard From the (Leading) Edge

What it Takes to Win Over a New Client - Customer References

Cybersecurity and Hacking the Manufacturing Plant Network

3D Printing and Innovation

Find Your Moonshot

An Opportunity for Improvement

Plant Relocation and Consolidation

Gearing Up for NIWeek 2016

How to Plan for Emergency Downtime

Effective Risk Management for Projects

Made in America

When a Local Business Icon Moves Away

Remote Monitoring and Control

Apprenticeships - The Future of Trades in America

Design for Excellence (DFX)

Machine Guarding: A Top Ten OSHA Citation Target

Code Standardization: How to develop and stick with your standard

HALT!  Who goes there? Industrial System Security

A New Organic Peanut Butter Plant - Once Again

The Question We're Most Often Asked

The Many Applications of Additive Manufacturing

Rockwell’s Support of Code Standardization: Add-on Instructions and PlantPAx

Grants To Support Manufacturing In The USA

Is the Oil and Gas Industry Rebounding?

Why You Should Share the Business Case for Your Project

Code Standardization

For Manufacturing, Challenges Offer an Opportunity for Change

Staying on Top of Trends and Making Changes

Ready for Process Graphics with Responsive Design?

Powder Handling - Blending Emerging Technology with Tried and True Methods

The Value of Feedback

Lessons from the Boston Marathon

Happy Earth Day from Optimation!

What is Proof-of-Principle?

How to Know When to Say No to a Project

Building a Consensus on Projects and in The Primaries

Summer Shutdown Plans

The Rime of the Modern Mariner

Asking the right questions during the bid process

Virtualization for Control Systems

It Looked Good on Paper ...

Emergency Maintenance - Who Do You Call?

The Roundup - Final Four Edition

Mary, Mary, How does your Project Go? Front End Loading and Preliminary Engineering

How to apply the Industrial Internet of Things to your operations

Business Lessons from the Syracuse Comeback

The March Madness Effect

Service With A Smile

Why Science Matters When You’re Experiencing Extrusion Defects

The Roundup - Shamrock Edition

The Luck of the Irish

The Manufacturing Business of Beer

5 quick tips for communicating better with your customers

What "Pay it Forward" Teaches Us About Manufacturing Projects

The Roundup - Library Edition

Why would a library come to an engineering company for a maintenance contract?

Marathon Running is the New Golf

The Science behind Process Manufacturing

Change Control in Project Management

The Roundup - IoT Edition

Food Safety Monitoring

Rochester Engineers Making a Difference

3 Ways to Measure the Value of Automation and Process Optimization

Engineering and Automation of Winter – Could this be our next frontier?

Change Management for Controls Systems with Git

Food Processing and Safe Food Supply

Making Time for A Medical Device Testing System

The Essential First Step to Capital Project Success

The Roundup

It’s Time To Be Paranoid

Academic Pilot Coating Machine

Providing Engineering Services Remotely

The Roundup

Service Call - Clock of Nations

Innovation and Manufacturing in the USA

Three Tips for Navigating Ambiguity in Achieving Growth for Your Business

How to Get Started with your Industrial Automation Controls Project

The Roundup

The Engineering Services Contract - how to partner with your customers

Using Checklists to Produce Quality Engineering Services

Partnering with Machine Builders for Cost Effective Turnkey Projects

The Roundup

Safety Lessons Learned the Hard Way

Manufacturing and the China Effect in 2016

Concept to Completion

Collaborative Robots With Coordinate Measurement

Manufacturing Using Process Skid Based Systems

Government Investment in the Future of Manufacturing

5-Star Planning for Project Success

Document Project Requirements BEFORE You Go Out for Bid

How to make complex capital projects manageable

Successful DCS Migrations - Without Production Interruption

The cyclic nature of system integration

Holiday Throwback

Year-end Wonderings and Miracles: 3 Questions

Use a blended team for engineering and trades services

A Gift of Manufacturing Funding for Christmas

Need Equipment? Consider Retrofitting

Diversity of a different kind also yields success

Safety Co-Ops at Optimation

Manufacturing Trends in 2016

DCS Systems and the "Connected Enterprise"

Train Multiple Resources For Contract Engineering Services

Simplified Incremental Manufacturing Improvements with Skid Systems

Why system integrators should be technology agnostic

The Outlook for US Manufacturing in 2016

Data Logging Communication System for Improved Maintenance

High Pressure Testing Using LabVIEW and cRIO

Why You Should Attend NI We

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