Data Logging Communication System for Improved Maintenance

Posted by Levi Gustin on Oct 13, 2015 7:00:00 AM

Ever see the "Check Engine" light come on in your car, and have no idea what could be wrong? For the Regional Transportation District (RTD) of Denver, this was the reality - except they didn't have a mechanic to plug in an instrument and give them a diagnosis. They had to shut their train down, walk around to try and find the problem, and then determine if they had to call maintenance. 

Data logging and communication system from Optimation

The solution? A data logging, communication and display system from Optimation using LabVIEW. 

Local data logging creates maintenance efficiency increases, by eliminating the troubleshooting step with immediate identification of issues.

The GUI screen and communication system designed by Optimation provides much more information to the driver, such as the type of failure and the location of the failure. The driver can determine if he can fix the problem or if maintenance needs to be called.

The results?

  • Rapid identification of failures
  • Accurate diagnosis
  • More efficient maintenance 

This type of system can work for many other applications: 

  • Continuous System Monitoring
  • Automated Device Testing
  • Dynamically Connected Distributed Systems

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