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Posted by Steve Beyer on Jan 25, 2017 10:54:03 AM


One of the relationships that has been foundational in Optimation’s growth and success over the years is the one we have with National Instruments. NI is the test, measurement, and control systems innovator based in Austin, Texas. For over a dozen years, Optimation has been a partner with NI. We have together been engineering, deploying, supporting, and training in innovative solutions based in the NI ecosystem. Applications range from medical device testing to very high-pressure test system design and fabrications, to custom programming and software design.  Our clients have benefited from the combination of Optimation’s creative engineers and developers with NI’s state-of-the-art suite of open software, innovative solutions, and globally-sourced electronics and systems.

Individually the capabilities of NI and Optimation are potent enough; National Instruments has grown over the decades to become a $1 billion+ leader in their market space. Targeting areas such as 5G and wireless communications, incredible scanning performance, compact packaging, and other leading edge capabilities NI have become a force to be reckoned with. Similarly, Optimation has evolved from a small cadre of process control developers to become a diverse team of several hundred multi-discipline problem solvers, working collaboratively with clients and partners alike to solve or address some of industry’s most vexing challenges. 

Several especially outstanding efforts where NI technology has been employed by Optimation to deliver fantastic results include providing train safety information from a light rail transit system; innovative engineering and controls schemes that economically, safely, and cost-effectively allow downhole tool testing in oil and gas applications where expensive equipment is tested at  “hyper-exotic” pressures and temperatures and caustic conditions; validating the “perfect” assembly of medical devices that properly dose life-critical medicine to patients, complying with FDA regulations and providing the reliability that users trust and expect; precision control over the high temperatures and noxious environment of fuel cell test chambers we build to advance the business and the science of alternative energy production.

Now with a partnership that has produced many hundreds of innovative projects in a variety of industries, Optimation and NI are moving forward to additional activities improving safety, delivering outstanding business results, and providing engineering excellence to new and existing clients all across North America. Having delivered thousands of programs over the year worldwide, we continue to collaborate as a NI Gold Alliance partner with to seek out and produce world class solutions to Industry’s most important problems. Whether you are in energy/oil and gas, medical devices, chemical or specialty processing, industrial / manufacturing / material handling, Optimation and National Instruments have the experience and the aptitude to engage with you and deliver an innovative and outstanding outcome for you. On time, On budget, Exceeding expectations.

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