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Posted by Bill Pollock on May 23, 2016 2:27:49 PM


Most of the manufacturing grants we hear about are from the federal government or state governments. These grants may be in the form of tax credits or tax breaks, and most of them come with lots of strings attached. Most of the time they require the creation of jobs.  If the manufacturer misses their target, they lose the grant.

Of course this is the contradiction to one of the goals of the US manufacturer. In order to reduce costs and improve their competitive edge, manufacturers need to improve efficiency and add automation. This may mean fewer jobs, not more. The remaining jobs may be higher skilled, but fewer nonetheless.

But what is important is that these jobs remain in the United States and are not outsourced to Mexico or China. A new grant opportunity has been made available by National Grid. The National Grid Manufacturing Productivity Program (MPP) offers Up to $40,000 to Finger Lakes Region Manufacturers who improve productivity, add growth or both. Manufacturers’ National Grid is partnering with High Tech Rochester and others and offering grants designed to help the Finger Lakes Region’s manufacturers improve and grow. Optimation Technology is actively engaged in providing engineering, fabrication and installation of these upgrades for the manufacturer. 

Details of the MPP matching funds are detailed below. There are three classifications: productivity improvements, growth, or a combination of productivity and growth.

Productivity Improvements covers lean manufacturing or manufacturing assistance projects that result in eliminating waste & increasing productivity on the shop floor or in the office environment. Eligible projects receive 40% reimbursement of costs (up to $15,000).

Growth grants are for growth targeted activities that result in greater utilization of plant capacity including sales, marketing, and Eureka! Winning Ways projects. Eligible projects receive 50% reimbursement of project costs (up to $15,000).

Productivity Improvements & Growth Combined grants are for companies planning to do both.  It is for companies planning to increase capacity through Lean or similar projects, coupled with top-line growth projects to fill that capacity. These companies are eligible for 60% reimbursement of their project costs (up to $40,000). Companies with Manufacturing NAICS codes 31, 32, or 33 are eligible to apply. Eligible companies must be in the National Grid service area and be willing to commit adequate time and internal resources to ensure a successful project. Reimbursement will take place after project completion and documentation of measurable benefits. Optimation Technology, working with High Tech Rochester has all of the details on this exciting opportunity. If you want to learn more or want to apply for a grant please contact us. 

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