Happy Earth Day from Optimation!

Posted by Steve Beyer on Apr 22, 2016 2:37:13 PM


Since the first "Earth Day" in 1970, American industry as well as the rest of the world has acknowledged ever stronger connections between our lifestyles and behaviors, and to a healthy future of our planet.

Pure water, sustainable agriculture, watershed protections, clean manufacturing processes, and more are the business of Optimation. We recognize our connectivity to the environment and to optimizing our clients' industrial performance.

On this 46th anniversary of Earth Day, and over 30 years of Optimation's commercial activity, we want to share some of our experiences of our corporate social responsibility in the  execution of our clients' projects.

Increasingly we hear from prospective clients across many industry types interested in reclaiming materials, minimizing and eliminating waste, increasing yields, and being more environmentally conscious in the way they handle their materials and produce their goods. We are proud of our role in synchronizing our skills and those client needs in harmony with the environment. We encourage all Industry players to be environmentally aware, to be good stewards, and to consider their impact on our environment. Being willing to collaborate with partners such as Optimation to squeeze out all of the possible waste, risk, and danger to our future is a responsible thing to do.

When you look your grandchildren in the eye and hand them the keys to the future, do it knowing you have done your best to produce all we need to support a growing population, and have done it in an environmentally responsible way.

Read about our Brine Remediation project. 

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