Taking the Pain Away

Posted by Wendy Smith on Oct 31, 2016 4:30:56 PM


“We’ll take away your pain!”

That is one of our favorite tag lines here at Optimation.  We have many customers that come to us with different problems, but the bottom line is they are experiencing “pain” of some type – facility shutdowns, short-staffed internal teams, looming capital improvement budget deadlines, custom testing requirements for safety and quality, and many more. We are here to take away that pain!

It’s almost like a doctor who is on call or does house calls.  Our customers typically call us when something is broken or causing them “pain.”  It could be inefficiencies, a break down, a catastrophic failure, their production line is down, a new piece of equipment they want to integrate into their process, they may need to do a changeover to manufacture a different product, or a myriad of other things. We pride ourselves on being nimble and having a wide breadth of knowledge and experience to be able to help them with whatever arises. Our greatest assets are our employees and they are the ones that ultimately delight the customer and take away their pain.

We have some customers that like to put us to the test.  One in particular gave us a call on a Friday afternoon and explained a need that they had on the west coast. ”Can you have someone there on Monday morning?” they asked.  When we get these kind of calls, we jump into action and see who we can make available to meet our client’s needs and usually we find a way to make it happen.  A couple of weeks later the same customer came to us on a Wednesday and requested another resource on the west coast on Monday; they were very proud of themselves because they gave us so much more advanced warning this time.  Again we were able to rise to the challenge. 

It is very gratifying to be the hero, but it does make everyone’s life easier when we can plan and schedule our work with our customers.  For some customer’s their “pain” might be a scheduled maintenance shutdown that they cannot staff themselves so we provide the labor.  Or a new project or technology that they are not yet familiar with and our team can help bring them up to speed or provide the necessary support.

Unfortunately, we are not always able to pull the proverbial rabbit out of the hat.  Once a client came to us and asked us if we had a cup lip roll expert.  We canvased our employees and searched our sources for someone with that expertise, but came up empty.  We had to go back to the customer and tell them that we were not able to help them out on that one.  But that honesty and a swift reply also helps to strengthen our relationships with our loyal clients.

We strive to be up front and honest with our clients in a respectful two-way relationship. We aren’t intimidated by tight deadlines, but when we aren’t sure we can meet them, we say so. If we don’t have the skills or cannot do something we tell them up front and don’t try to fake our way through it.  We don’t take on jobs that we cannot handle or that are out of our core competencies. We are very proud of our reputation of honesty and integrity with our clients and strive for longstanding partnerships with our customers. 

What type of “pain” are you experiencing? Maybe we can help.

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