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Posted by Jen Palumbo on Oct 29, 2019 12:00:52 PM
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I’ve been struggling to write this post without it sounding like an intro to a prize on The Price is Right. Perhaps the easiest thing to say is, “Look ma, new website!” But after working on the new for many months, I wanted to give a little insight into what we wanted to achieve.

We wanted the website to be an easy-to-navigate tool to find answers, to see if Optimation can help you with your next project, if Optimation is the right partner, or the right company to work for. We wanted to convey our love for solving manufacturing projects – complex and routine – for our clients.

The homepage is designed to give you a quick impression of who we are and what we do, visually emphasizing what Concept to Completion means to us and our clients. Project Case Studies/Project Profiles also take center stage.

Our About Us page shares our story in an interactive timeline, as well as our leadership team and information on our health and safety and quality programs.

On the projects page, all profiles are visible immediately, and can be filtered down by Industries, Services and Applications. Individual project profile pages share multiple photos, as well as related projects.

Optimation’s capabilities are offered in terms of Services and Industries, with each page detailing the services and diverse application expertise within each.

Our careers page details information about our benefits, health and safety program and apprenticeship program, while offering the opportunity to submit a resume and apply for specific openings.

Of course, if you can’t find what you’re looking for, or are in a hurry … the search function is an easy way to find all of the pages that address your interest.Let's say you wanted to quickly learn about our capabilities with skid systems:

There are many more pages that I didn’t cover, and the website will continue to evolve as time goes on. We’re proud of the direction it’s heading. Take a look for yourself and share your feedback!


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