Improving Chemical Manufacturing in America

Posted by Bill Pollock on Dec 1, 2020 10:42:47 AM

Optimation creates some of the most unique and innovative manufacturing processes and machines in the world. In order to do this, Optimation employees about a hundred engineers in a variety of industrial specialties and employs about a hundred tradesmen engaged in the industrial trades. Recently, I have been blogging about a few of our favorite projects in a variety of industries. Some of these projects were done for large established companies while many others have been completed for small startup companies. Some were totally new technologies, some to improve existing processes, and some simply to increase capacity. Optimation has hundreds of clients and completes over 1,000 different projects each year. A large percentage of what Optimation designs and creates includes research and development. Our passion at Optimation is to grow the manufacturing base in the United States. Yankee ingenuity and American creativity provide the innovation that can make this happen. Optimation engineers create the designs. Our skilled journeymen bring these designs to life.

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