The Many Configurations of Skid Systems

Posted by Steve Beyer on Mar 27, 2018 1:24:19 PM

Question: when is a skid not JUST a skid?

Answer: When it is a cart, a panel, a pod, a plate, a module…

More and more frequently we at Optimation are seeing requests, and opportunities, for modular or skid-based production and manufacturing process projects. These are condensed application sets embodied in a well-controlled and highly-engineered custom configuration.

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Optimation Partners with Gas Technologies to Fabricate Methane-to-Methanol Plants

Posted by Bill Pollock on Oct 17, 2017 3:00:48 PM

Gas Technologies LLC. located in Walloon Lake, MI. has an NGL production facility set up in North Dakota and they are producing NGLs.  Present production is at the rate of 600 mscfd. They anticipate a ramp-up of this rate by year-end and will shortly set up an adjacent Mini-GTL plant at the North Dakota site. Their goal is to change the world of gas flaring by making a huge reduction in the amount of gas flared.

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Test Systems and The Edge

Posted by Steve Beyer on Aug 9, 2017 4:18:27 PM

Today’s technologies demand more of everything—more data, computing power, test cycles, security, reliability, everything.

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Engineering Safe Systems in Hazardous Environments

Posted by Steve Beyer on Dec 20, 2016 3:04:39 PM

Many companies employ systems of interconnected piping, pumps, accumulators, filters, heat exchangers, etc. and associated control systems to produce a specific set of conditions or products in a manufacturing or production process. Optimation specializes in this space, delivering such systems on skids or in pods for food, chemical, industrial coatings, or other products. Often these systems are designed and engineered to yield an environment for controlling processes using gases such as nitrogen or argon, etc. This requires use of specific technologies and materials, combined in such a way that they not only deliver the right pressures and volumes, but also employ the proper materials, fittings, piping, and valves. We also must consider the safety features that accompany such conditions in the presence of electricity which introduces a whole other set of risks.

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Manufacturing Using Process Skid Based Systems

Posted by Bill Pollock on Jan 12, 2016 11:46:16 AM

At Optimation we support and promote manufacturing by designing, fabricating and installing manufacturing systems.  There are many different needs by different manufacturers.  One of the common requests we get from manufacturers is to fabricate skid based systems.  From a simplistic perspective, a skid based system can be compared to using a modular home instead of stick built construction.  Skids can be built remotely, moved in quickly and may fit into difficult locations or installed in locations where there isn't sufficient local skilled trade labor to build a system from the ground up. 

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Simplified Incremental Manufacturing Improvements with Skid Systems

Posted by Pete Sherer on Dec 9, 2015 3:34:02 PM

Many companies who manufacture goods frequently find themselves lacking resources, space, and time to invest in their business when it comes to improving or expanding their production processes.  Attempts to add new equipment, or shutdowns to existing equipment for upgrades, become disruptive and interfere with meeting production quotas; the additional work also stretches staff with extra tasks not planned for.

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