Training: the gift that keeps on giving

Posted by Pete Sherer on Jan 17, 2017 9:41:29 AM


The gift that keeps on giving. We all want to be a recipient of that, don’t we? And not just any gift; we want a present that has high value and appeal, one that you can be assured won’t end up stuffed into a closet and regifted next year.

This year why not give the gift of knowledge, by enrolling yourself or someone you know in a training course?

It has been said that you can give a man a fish and take away his hunger for a day, or you can teach a man to catch fish and take away his hunger for ever. Giving the gift of knowledge through training empowers folks to be able to troubleshoot and solve their own problems; it enables the trainee to understand the guiding principles and forces that influence the particular subject matter. Training also engenders an exchange of something personal, a bestowal of information and experience from mentor to student.

At Optimation, we offer training courses to the general public in the domain of roll-to-roll (or flexible web) Manufacturing, and more specifically in the discipline of web handling.  We believe it makes good business sense to share our know-how in this subject matter for a number of significant reasons.  First, through our curriculum we establish a common set of terms to describe physical conditions, effects, and behaviors. This allows us to communicate clearly and effectively with our audience.  Second, through training, we help our students understand and embrace the science behind using flexible webs in production equipment to do value added manufacturing (like extrusion, coating, finishing, etc.).  Third, through our training classes, we get to meet and network with people that share a common interest in this manufacturing method.

Through teaching pupils that attend training courses (like the ones we offer in web handling), fundamentals can and are introduced that pave the way for the student to grasp what is happening in his own particular roll to roll process. Many of our class syllabi are aimed at educating our attendees about a particular web defect or behavior that is prevalent in the industry, and for which a specific approach is recommended to identify, quantify, and then mitigate. As much as we can, our intent is to equip our attendees with tools such that they can debug problems and operate their web processes more efficiently. Our students, if they are unable to achieve all the improvement they desire through utilizing their newly acquired knowledge, always know where they can come for additional in depth expertise in analyzing web conveyance problems and recommending other solutions.

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